Apple to buy mixed reality headset maker Vrvana for $30 million

According to TechCrunch, Apple has acquired the company Vrvana for approximately $30 million. The company is the maker of the Totem headset, a VR headset that can also display the outside world thanks to cameras. There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on its own AR headset.

The information comes from two sources with knowledge of the deal, TechCrunch reports. Both companies did not respond to inquiries from the site. It is unclear what techniques Apple will get through the acquisition, because the only known product from Montreal-based Vrvana is the mixed reality headset Totem.

The Totem headset is equipped with a 1440p OLED screen that displays images of the outside world with a fov of 120 degrees via external cameras. The headset can be used for both VR and AR and offers 6DoF. Tom’s Hardware published a hands-on of a prototype of the glasses late last year.

There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on its own augmented reality headset. According to information from Apple insider Mark Gurman, the company wants to release a headset that runs on its own operating system by 2020. However, this schedule could change.

This year Apple presented an SDK for augmented reality under the name ARKit and CEO Tim Cook has previously indicated that he sees a future in augmented reality. In November last year, a rumor appeared that Apple is working on AR glasses that can be wirelessly connected to an iPhone.

Totem headset from Vrvana