Apple removes 3D Touch features from iOS 13

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Apple has taken several features that its pressure-sensitive touchscreen makes possible from iOS 13. Many functions are now accessible with a long press on the screen. The move fuels rumors that Apple is phasing out 3D Touch.

With a long press on notifications or icons on the home screen, users can reach the functions that work with 3D Touch under iOS 12, 9to5Mac reports. Pressing an icon hard and selecting a function without taking your finger off the screen is no longer possible, according to the site. The iPhone SE and XR, the only phones that can run iOS 13 and don’t have 3D Touch, will get extra features through the steps.

Apple still uses 3D Touch in two places in the interface: on the lockscreen to open the camera or flashlight, something that can also be done with a long press on the XR. Also the function to press hard on the keyboard to get a cursor and use the space of the keyboard as a trackpad still works. With the XR and SE you can do this by long pressing the space bar.

There have been rumors for some time that Apple would like to omit 3D Touch from its upcoming iPhones. The manufacturer introduced the pressure-sensitive screen technology in 2015 with the iPhone 6s and has since used it in all its most expensive models.

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