Amazon shows next version delivery drone

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Amazon has shown the next version of its delivery drone. The drone can fly about 15 miles and deliver a package weighing less than a few pounds to a customer. In addition, it checks via two cameras whether there is a good place to land at the customer.

There is a border around the entire drone, which makes it less likely for the propellers to hit things, Amazon reports. The flying object checks with two cameras when landing whether there are people or animals nearby. The interpretation of the image is done using image recognition to be able to signal living beings from above.

Amazon does not provide many details. For example, the company says that the drone can fly 24 kilometers and can carry packages of up to 2.2 kilograms that it delivers within half an hour, but details about, for example, battery, flight time and speed are missing.

Amazon is further developing its delivery drone, but it is still unknown whether it will ever be able to deploy its flying delivery drivers, partly because drone noises can irritate customers and weather conditions can cause problems.

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