Apple Music has forty million paying subscribers

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Apple Music currently has around forty million paying subscribers. That has been announced by a CEO of the French branch of the company. The difference between Apple Music and biggest competitor Spotify seems to remain the same.

The CEO announces the achievement of the milestone in a tweet . Almost a month ago, the counter stood at 38 million, said Apple Music CEO Eddy Cue during an interview at the US Congress SXSW. He already said that the number had increased by two million in just one month and that growth has clearly continued.

The last time that Spotify said something about paying subscribers, it had seventy million and that was in January. If it has continued the growth of the previous months, the Swedish music service now has 76 million paying subscribers. In addition to Apple Music and Spotify, there are more music services, such as Deezer, Google Play Music, Napster and Tidal.

The number of subscribers may have increased a bit faster in the past few months due to the release of Speaker Homepod. The Apple speaker can only operate Apple Music with voice commands. The speaker can play music from other services only via AirPlay and voice control does not work.

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