Rumor: Microsoft mainly works on Windows functions for business users – Computer – News

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Microsoft would in the near future mainly work on functions in Windows 10 for business users and give low priority to consumer functions. That claims to have heard a blog from a Microsoft follower of people inside the company.

Microsoft earns money with Windows mainly on the business market and the income from the consumer market is a lot smaller. That is why Microsoft would focus new functions on business users, reports . The site is from Microsoft followers and is a sister site to the blog of Paul Thurrott, one of the most famous Microsoft followers in the tech industry. If a function adds value for business users, it takes precedence over other features to be developed, claims the site based on conversations with employees.

Microsoft announced last week to change the company differently where the company breaks down the development of Windows. Employees who develop OneCore, the core of Windows, fall under the Cloud & AI division, while the developers of the interface and shell fall under Experiences & Devices. In addition, there is no longer a specific CEO for Windows.

Microsoft employees working on Windows have, according to, been disappointed by the low successes of recent years. Digital assistant Cortana, music service Groove, wearable Band and Windows Phone have not become major successes in recent years. Microsoft will probably release a new update of Windows 10 this spring, under the name ‘ Spring Creators Update’ .

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