Apple makes Mac and MacBook repairs difficult with check by proprietary software

Apple requires the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro this year to get a software check if users or repair centers replace parts of the system. That software is only in the hands of Apple itself and authorized resellers, which makes repairs difficult.

The software makes it impossible for home users or independent companies without a relationship with Apple to repair this year’s MacBook Pros and iMac Pro, writes Motherboard . MacRumors also confirms the story based on its own sources. The software works with the T2 chip, which is in the devices for powering the microphone, speakers and, in the laptops, the fingerprint scanner.

If the T2 chip detects that parts have been replaced, it requires a check with the Apple Service Toolkit or Apple Service Toolkit 2. Otherwise he will no longer function. The step limits the repairs of Apple computers to the company itself and to repair centers with whom the manufacturer cooperates. Companies and schools that use thousands of Macs can therefore no longer replace parts, even if they have the expertise in-house. The same applies to home users.

The step only affects computers with a T2 chip. It is not in MacBook models from last year and earlier. Even iMacs do not have that yet. As a result, people who want it can repair themselves for the time being. Apple has not yet responded.