Apple confirms HomePod speaker leaves white rings on wooden furniture

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Apple has confirmed that it is possible for its HomePod speaker to leave white rings on wooden surfaces. The American company does not yet have a solution to the problem and advises customers to wait or to clean their furniture.

Apple said in a statement to Wirecutter, a publication of the New York Times newspaper, that users can clean the furniture using the method recommended by the manufacturer of the furniture. It is unknown whether the spores only appear in the beginning or still show up after months. The HomePod has only recently been on the market and no customer has been able to leave it on a piece of furniture for a long time.

The hardware maker does not say what causes white stuff to come out of the bottom of his speaker. According to Apple, the ring will disappear after a few days if the HomePod is no longer in place, otherwise cleaning should be enough to erase the tracks. It is unknown exactly on which furniture the HomePod leaves traces.

The HomePod was released in the United States last week, with a release in other countries to follow in the spring. The speaker costs $349 in the US. Converted and including VAT, that would currently be around 345 euros.

White traces of Homepod. Photo: Jon Chase

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