Apple Card may not be used to purchase cryptocurrency

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Apple has drawn up conditions for the use of its credit card, which shows that the purchase of digital currencies, such as bitcoin, is not allowed. Also, the iPhone on which the credit card is loaded may not be provided with jailbreak software.

This is evident from the user agreement that Goldman Sachs has put on its website. Goldman Sachs is the bank behind the Apple credit card and handles the financial transactions. It appears from the agreement that the payment card may not be used for so-called cash equivalents. This includes cryptocurrency, but also, for example, lottery tickets or chips in the casino.

Furthermore, it is also not allowed to jailbreak the iPhone on which the credit card is loaded. And users must have 2fa enabled on their Apple account and be “on good terms” with Apple.

Apple announced its own credit card some time ago, and said it would release it in the summer. Rumors previously emerged that the credit card will be released in the United States this month, something that CEO Tim Cook subsequently confirmed during the presentation of the quarterly results.

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