Apple announces iMac with M1 soc and colorful casing

Apple has announced its first iMac with its own M1 soc. The new iMac has a new design with a colorful housing of 11.5mm thick. The iMac can be much thinner due to the M1-soc, the manufacturer claims.

The M1-soc has cooling from two fans that produce around 10dB of noise during normal use, Apple says. As a result, all hardware fits in a metal housing of 11.5 mm thick. The volume of the iMac is therefore 50 percent less than its predecessor.

The screen is a 23.5″ LCD with a resolution of 4480×2520 pixels, with a maximum brightness of 500 candela per square meter and TrueTone function for automatically adjusting the color temperature to the environment.

Above the screen is a 1080p camera for video calls, which should provide better images thanks to the isp in the M1 soc. In addition, there are three microphones with beamforming to allow the voice of users to come through. It also contains six speakers.

The iMac has up to four USB-C ports, up to two of which are Thunderbolt ports. Apple has made a new power adapter, which is not only smaller, but also has an Ethernet port. The cable is two meters long. There is also a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The new iMac is the first device with M1 soc and a new design. Last year, Apple already released a Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1-soc, but they have the same design as their predecessors with Intel processors. The new iMac will be released next month for prices starting at €1,449, while a more expensive version with more colors and better hardware should start at €1,669.