AOC launches curved 35″ monitor for gamers

Display manufacturer AOC announces a curved 35″ monitor with a refresh rate of 160Hz and support for FreeSync. The screen will be shown during CES 2016 and AOC will announce all details.

The C3583FQ is a curved 35″ screen for gamers, with support for AMD’s FreeSync. This adaptive sync technique ensures that monitor and video card or APU with dynamic refresh rate work synchronously to prevent tearing and stuttering. The maximum refresh rate of the AOC C3583FQ should 160Hz.

Although AOC doesn’t mention a resolution yet, the curved 35″ screen will probably get a VA panel with a resolution of 2560×1080 pixels, just like the 35″ monitors from BenQ and Acer. There are no known 35″ panels with a different resolution. AOC will officially announce all details in January at the CES 2016 fair in Las Vegas.