Antec Announces D700 FLUX Enclosure for Gamers

Antec has announced a new mid-tower enclosure in the form of the D700 FLUX. The manufacturer focuses on use for gaming and during the development, the cooling of the GPU has been taken into account.

Antec calls the cooling of the D700 FLUX ‘Flow Luxury’ or F-LUX. The company uses five 120mm fans: three on the front, one on the bottom and one on the back. The design allows the fans to draw in cool air at the front and bottom and expel it at the rear and top, which is relatively standard.

In total there is room for nine fans. The three fans on the front are argb fans and these are placed behind a waveform mesh panel. On the side is a panel of tempered glass that offers a view of the interior of the housing.

The housing also offers space for video cards with a maximum length of 405 mm, CPU coolers with a maximum height of 175 mm and power supplies with a length of up to 205 mm. The user can also accommodate up to three 2.5″ SSDs and three 3.5″ HDDs or another two 2.5″ storage media. The dimensions of the D700 FLUX are 467x220x486mm and the weight is 7.4 kilograms. The price is still unknown and it is not clear when the housing will be released.