Animations show possible Oculus Quest Pro headset design

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Animations found on the Oculus website show a headset with a design that differs from the current Quest 2. It may be the Oculus Quest Pro, which has been rumored for some time. New controllers are also on display.

Put the headset in the animations has a glossy front and rests on the forehead of the user. The headband also has a large area at the back for support and seems to stick out slightly. That could be intended as a counterweight. The headset’s design somewhat resembles a product Facebook CEO Andrew Bosworth recently launched showed on Twitter. He said that was a prototype, without giving further details.

Furthermore, the animations show controllers and a base station on which they are placed. This may charge the controllers. The controllers no longer have a ring with tracking LEDs, but are more compact. The animations also seem to indicate that the new VR glasses can mimic the movements of the user’s entire body in a virtual environment. How that works is not yet clear. Current Quest headsets allow only the wearer’s hands and head to be animated.

The animations were found by Twitter users on the Oculus website. Facebook itself hasn’t announced anything about a new headset yet, but the company is holding its Connect event on Thursday. That could be a time to announce new hardware. Facebook has previously hinted at the arrival of a Quest pro. The Quest 2 came out a year ago.

Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth with prototype of VR glasses

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