Android version Super Mario Run will be released in March

The Android version of Super Mario Run will be released in March. Since the end of last year, interested parties can register to receive a notification when the game will be released, but now Nintendo has also announced the release month.

An exact date has not been announced, but the delivery of Super Mario Run on Android begins in March, Nintendo Japan said on Twitter. The game is already listed in the Play Store, but is not yet available for download. Users can click a button to register to be notified when the game comes out.

It is not yet known what the in-app purchases in the game will cost. On iOS, the game is free, but you have to pay 9.99 euros to play all content. Presumably that is the same on Android, but the price may differ.

Super Mario Run came out on iOS in mid-December. The game has three different game modes: there is a single player mode called World Tour, a Toad Rally mode to try to beat the scores of others and Kingdom Builder where the player can unlock items to build their own kingdom.