Android version Chrome ceases support for Android Jelly Bean – Computer – News

Users of an Android smartphone running on Jelly Bean, or versions 4.1 to 4.3, will soon no longer be able to use the Android version of Chrome. A piece of code betrays that Google will stop the support.

The indication for stopping the support was found in a commnt which was reported by XDA Developers. The new code makes clear that Android Jelly Bean, which contains the version numbers 4.1 to 4.3, is no longer supported by the Android version of the Chrome browser.
Currently, Android 4.1 is the oldest version of the mobile operating system is still supported by Google with its Chrome browser. After the changes, at least Android KitKat, or version 4.4 and higher, will be needed. The usage data show that slightly more than 3 percent of Android users use an Android version in the Jelly Bean series.
It is not clear when the support is stopped. Because the designation has been found in a piece of code and Google has not disclosed anything about it, it is wait and see when the changes are made.