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Skybound will help to finish last episode The Walking Dead

Developer Skybound has indicated that it will contribute to The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The original developer Telltale Games can not finish the game because it will close the doors.

Skybound founder Robert Kirkman announced that it will collaborate with the developers of Telltale Games to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season. A spokesperson really told Variety that no concrete plans had yet been worked out. However, with the agreement, there seems to be an end to The Walking Dead series.

Telltale Games announced earlier that it will close the door, with a large part of the employees already being fired. Initially, the company was still planning to finish the last part of The Walking Dead, but the game was later removed from the digital shelves and was subsequently also some of the remaining employees were fired. Then there were rumors that Telltale was looking for another developer to finish the game.

Ceo Pete Hawley of Telltale Games has indicated that it will come up with a statement in the coming days. The company may indicate how the The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be completed.

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