Android P gets Dashboard that gives users insight into smartphone usage

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Google will provide Android P with Dashboard. That’s a feature that keeps track of how much time users spend on certain apps, how often they get notifications, and how many times a day they unlock their phone.

Google says users want to help with the Dashboard in finding of a balance when using their phone. According to Google, apps can also contribute to that. For example, from this week YouTube will have a function to group all notifications in a daily digest so that users get one notification in a day instead of several separate reports. The Dashboard will be introduced in Android P. Whether the functionality also comes to older Android versions is not yet clear.
In his keynote at the I / O Developer Conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that his company will pay more attention to the ‘digital well-being’ of people. Later today there will be a so-called Digital Wellbeing website online, which needs to give more information about it.
Also called Pichai Family Link, an app that Google already released in the US. At the presentation, the CEO showed how parents can set a maximum screen time on children’s devices. It is likely that Family Link will become more widely available, but when is not known.


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