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Analysts: Apple is losing ground on market desktops and laptops

Apple has lost market share in desktops and laptops in the past year, say IDC and Gartner. Other manufacturers delivered more PCs, while the deliveries of Apple went down. The analysts give no explanation for this.

Gartner estimated that the deliveries of Mac products fell by 8.5 percent compared to a year ago, while IDC thinks that the decline was 11.4 percent. The analysts do not yet have exact figures from the American manufacturer. They only come out when Apple announces its quarterly results and that will happen next month.

Neither analyst firm explains the decline in deliveries of Mac products. The Macs did better than the market for years, but now that is the other way around. Lenovo, HP and Dell, the top three PC makers, delivered more devices than in the third quarter of last year. The analysts disagree about Acer; Gartner says that Acer’s deliveries fell, according to IDC, that grew.

The global PC market remained stable in the past year. Approximately 67 million desktops and laptops are sold every three months. The market for desktops and laptops is much larger than that of tablets but smaller than that of smartphones. According to both analysts, Lenovo is again the market leader after it lost that position to HP for a short time.

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