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An eco-tiny house: environmentally friendly

People are paying increasing attention to tiny houses . A tiny house, with everything you need, in a quiet and natural environment. The house is small but practically furnished. A new tiny house was presented in New York: environmentally friendly, practical and affordable.

Eco tiny house

The tiny house aims to initiate a change in building houses. It is an initiative of UN environment and Yale University. The rapid urbanization and growth, architecture will increasingly have to focus on sustainability. Material is becoming scarcer and natural material is used unnecessarily. In addition, the house provides a fight against climate change.

The cottage is 22 square meters and is decorated as a tiny house. It consists of a room with loft and a bed that you can slide out. Storage spaces are hidden and can also be extended or folded out. The material is organic and renewable and the energy is sustainable. The house is equipped with sustainable systems such as solar energy and air purification by plants.

Sustainable living

The design is specially made for the climate in New York with hot summers and cold winters. New designs are under way for the climate of Quito, Ecuador and Kenya.

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