American company will sell deepfakes to customers

At the beginning of this year there was a lot of fuss around the Deepfake phenomenon . Short Not Safe For Work videos appeared of, among others, Scarlet Johansson, Gal Gadot, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and many other famous actresses. Of course these videos were not real, but the bizarre thing was that you could not see that they were fake.

All the noise around these so-called deepfake clips had gone a bit. Until now. The adult entertainment company Naughty America has found a way to start earning money with deepfakes.

How it works exactly

First, how deepfake works exactly. The inventor of deepfakes himself has figured out how he can teach an AI how someone looks by using neural networks (like Google does), simply by throwing a pile of photo and video material in them. If the AI ​​is sufficiently trained, it can replace the face in another video with the material that has been thrown in. And so you can adjust the face in just about every video, as long as you have enough photo material from that person.

Naughty America

This week, American Naughty America has launched a new service that allows consumers to make their own deepfake clips. Either they can play the leading role themselves in a film with their favorite porn actor or actress. Deliver some photos and your head will be placed on one of the bodies of the actors / actresses in the relevant scene. “ We see customization and personalization as the future, ” is the reaction of CEO Andreas Hronopoulos in an interview with Variety .

They launch this new service with a number of NSFW clips in which they show what is possible with this technology. Faces of different actresses are replaced. But the entire background can also be replaced. “ I can put people in your bedroom, ” Hronopoulos concludes. Which is therefore extremely satisfied with this technology. According to him, it is the future.