This new 3D printer lets you print almost all color combinations

A company in Taiwan, XYZPrinting, has launched a new 3D printer : The Da Vinci Color Mini. The special thing about this printer is that more than 15 million color combinations are possible.

Da Vinci Color Mini

The printer contains three cartridges and it can print PLA plastic or PETG plastic. The ink colors the object that comes out of the printer. The printer is 1600 dollars, which is a lot less than many other 3D printers. The low price makes the technique available to ordinary consumers. Previously, 3D printing was mainly for the professional industry. This printer can also be used in educational settings.

The low price also means that the prints are not perfect, but the fact that it is now possible for people at home to make 3D prints in color is already quite a lot. And if such a dragon from the video below comes out of the printer, we find that enough yet?