AMD will soon release Radeon Pro W5700X GPU for Mac Pro

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Apple will soon make a Radeon Pro W5700X GPU available for the Mac Pro. This video card uses a modified Navi GPU with 16GB gddr6 memory. Currently, the Mac Pro page states that the video card will be available “soon”.

AMD announced the W5700X graphics card for the Mac Pro on December 10. Currently, the Mac Pro is only available with AMD Radeon Pro Vega II or 580X GPUs. A single W5700X contains 16GB of gddr6 memory. However, users can choose to equip their Mac Pro with two W5700X GPUs, which then jointly have 32GB of gddr6. The memory has a bandwidth of 448GB/s. The video card has forty compute units and the fp32 computing power of the W5700X is 9.5Tflops. With two GPUs this is increased to 18.9Tflops.

It is not yet known whether AMD will also release the W5700X outside the Mac Pro, but this is unlikely, since AMD usually develops GPUs exclusively for Apple. For example, Radeon Pro GPUs for MacBooks usually do not come out in other laptops. It is also not yet known what the additional cost of a W5700X GPU in the Mac Pro is. By default, the Mac Pro comes with a Radeon Pro 580X GPU. The extra cost of a single Radeon Pro Vega II is 2880 euros, but it also offers better performance than the W5700X.

Previously, AMD released the Radeon Pro W5700. This is a workstation video card that also has a Navi GPU. It contains 8GB of gdrd6 memory and 8.89Tflops of fp32 processing power. The W5700 also contains 36 compute units; four less than the W5700X.

Fashion model: Radeon Pro W5700X Radeon Pro W5700 Radeon Pro Vega II
GPU 7nm Navi (10?) 7nm Navi 10 7nm Vega 20
Compute units 40 36 64
fp32 computing power 9.5Tflops (18.9 at two GPUs) 8.89Tflops 14.1Tflops (28.3 at two GPUs)
Memory 16GB gddr6 (32GB with two GPUs) 8GB gddr6 32GB hbm2 (64GB with two gpus)
Memory bandwidth 448GB/s 448GB/s 1TB/s
tdp Nnb 190W 475W
MSRP Nnb $799

Surcharge of 2880 euros

6240 euros for two gpus

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