Amazon introduces spherical Echo speakers with processor for machine learning

Amazon has announced a new generation of Echo and Echo Dot speakers. These have a spherical shape. The new Echo includes an accelerator for machine learning applications such as speech recognition. There is also a new Echo Show with screen.

The new Echo has a 3 “woofer and two-way tweeters. The speaker analyzes the acoustics of the room to adjust the audio accordingly. The Echo supports Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy so that they can be used as a smart home hub. and thanks to Amazon’s Sidewalk support, the connection to home automation devices that also support Sidewalk should be easy to set up Amazon Sidewalk is a protocol introduced last year that uses the 900MHz spectrum.

The Echo models include a co-processor developed by Amazon together with MediaTek, the AZ1 Neural Edge. This module is aimed at accelerating applications that use machine learning and thus the chip helps, among other things, to quickly handle speech recognition on the device itself. The presence of the AZ1 means that the audio signal no longer has to go through cloud services for speech recognition. Amazon wants to integrate the processor into more upcoming products. The Echo is available for $ 100 in black, white and blue.

Echo Dot and Dot Kids Edition

Amazon also announced new small Echo Dot speakers, which are also spherical, where the previous generations were shaped like a puck. The new Dots have a 1.6 “driver and a tap-to-snooze function, which was previously reserved for the Echo Dot with Clock. The clock version with LEDs that indicate the time is also now appearing. In addition, variants are available. kids with panda and tiger design, the Echo Dots cost $ 50, the clock versions and the kids version $ 60.

Echo Show 10

Finally, Amazon announced the Echo Show 10, a so-called smart screen with a 10 “screen. This screen rotates when the user is conversing or watching something and moves across the room. The 13-megapixel camera with wide-angle lens ensures that the person is centered in the room. Like the Echo, the Show 10 has an AZ1 processor and supports Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy, and the Echo Show 10 will be released at the end of this year for $ 250.