Amazon gives Alexa the ability to set reminders

Amazon has equipped its voice and information service Alexa with the ability to set reminders and timers. For example, it is possible to set a reminder for a specific activity and time with a voice command.

The new functionality is already available in the United States, but will probably also come to Europe sometime in the near future. Android Police shows that all kinds of specific timers and reminders can be set, for example a timer for the pasta that is ready in nine minutes. It is also possible, for example, to ask Alexa to remind the user to call someone on Saturday at two o’clock. It is also possible to ask Alexa which reminders have been set exactly, after which an overview follows.

According to Amazon, the ability to set reminders and timers is supported on the Echo smart speaker. No mention is made of other products. Competitor Google Home does not yet support setting reminders; the Assistant on the smartphone must be used for this. However, Google will soon also provide its smart speaker with reminders.