After Facebook Messenger soon also ads in WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger has recently seen (often irritating) automatic video ads. Regular advertisements have been around since 2017, but this is still a step further. While chatting with friends or girlfriends you are not waiting for that. But there is more to come, these ads will soon also appear for WhatsApp. This is how a Global Marketing Solutions employee confirmed Facebook.

Advertisers will thus receive a third option when advertising on Facebook if they want to promote a message. First, it became possible to run advertisements on Instagram. A little while ago Facebook Messenger has also been added. And, not surprisingly, it also follows WhatsApp.

Run promotion on Whatsapp

Run this promotion on Whatsapp will be the next option to be added. When this will be and whether it will be available worldwide is not yet known. One thing is certain, it will come!

What this impact will have is still unclear. Facebook Messenger has the same number of users and although many find it irritating to those ads, there are few users who stop using it.


It is of course very interesting for companies and brands. Undoubtedly your target group is on WhatsApp, because who does not use the popular messaging service. The number of people who do not use WhatsApp from your circle of acquaintances is likely to count on one hand.

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