Adobe says it will soon add new features to Photoshop for iPad

Adobe has responded to the many complaints it has received for Photoshop for the iPad. Users complained that it was an incomplete product. Adobe now states that it has attempted to bring a “minimum viable product” to market, and will update it shortly.

Photoshop for the iPad came out earlier this week after it was announced a year earlier. Although Adobe already indicated at the release that not all functions from Photoshop for the PC are available on the iPad, a large stream of complaints started. Adobe CEO Scott Belsky, among others, responded to the negative reviews by in a series of tweets to state that the company has tried to bring a ‘minimum viable product’ to the market, in order to further develop the software based on feedback from users. Belsky calls the state of affairs ‘painful’, and hopes to get even more users enthusiastic in the long run.

In addition, Jenny Lyell, who works at Adobe as a Photoshop product manager, told The Verge that some features took longer to develop than previously thought. Among other things, ensuring an equivalent output between iPad and PC took a lot of effort. Lyell cited liquify as an example, which works as a plug-in on the PC; However, iPads do not support plugins.

Furthermore, Lyell promises that there will be updates for Photoshop for the iPad soon. Adobe plans to update the software more ‘aggressively’ in the near future, so that new functions should become available more quickly. According to Lyell, new features should be rolled out in the coming weeks, with new iterations monthly. More precise plans were not disclosed, however, so it is not yet clear which Photoshop tools users can expect.

Adobe already announced at the official unveiling of Photoshop for iPad that not all features were available yet. Earlier, however, Adobe advertised a “full” version of Photoshop for Apple’s tablet.