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Adidas uses '4D printing' for new AlphaEdge sneakers

4D printing? Is that a thing? Apparently, because Adidas proudly announced that their new AlphaEdge 4D shoes are made of light and oxygen. That process is called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) and by using that technique, shoes could be optimized even more on the person who wears them.

The difference between 4D printing and ordinary 3D printing is that at the latter all kinds of plastics are used. 4D printing uses liquid polymers, which respond to the exposure to light and oxygen by hardening. That process would make the shoes a lot lighter but also more comfortable. Adidas already tested the concept last year with the Futurecraft 4D shoe.


The process looks really cool: it looks like the shoe is being pulled out of spaghetti and so every cell in the shoe can be adjusted. Adidas says that in this way they can only make a tailor-made shoe because a size 43 has to be made differently for someone weighing 50 kilos compared to someone weighing 85 kilos.

That sounds fantastic, but when can we get those phenomenal shoes? Adidas says that the sneakers are still available this month via the Adidas app and ‘selected sales points’ and then you can pay 250 euros for it. I say deliberately because you know how it goes with cool and special sneakers: that is standing in line / praying that you front the digital row. Good luck!

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