Acer increases tgp of RTX gaming laptops by 5 to 30 watts via bios updates

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Acer makes bios updates for its gaming laptops with Nvidia GeForce RTX video cards, which increase the total graphics power of the GPUs. Some models are already being modified before they come on the market.

In most cases, this is an increase of 5, 10 or 15 watts, ComputerBase writes . The site has received a list of all changes from Acer. With a single model, the tgp goes up by 30 watts. Due to the high TGP, the laptops can perform better in games, although the adjustment may also affect heat development and noise production.

Acer tells ComputerBase that the company is “looking for a balance between the best possible performance, sound production and durability.” The changes will be applied to gaming laptops in the Nitro, Helios and Triton series. For laptops that have already been released, bios updates are available . Models that are still under development will receive the update from the factory.

It is not clear why the laptops are now getting a tgp upgrade, while they were previously configured with a lower value. Manufacturers have many configuration options when implementing RTX 30 GPUs in laptops. As a result, it is often unclear which GPU is exactly in a laptop, although manufacturers must indicate this accurately.

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