8BitDo Introduces Media Remotes for Xbox Consoles

8BitDo introduces two media remotes for Xbox consoles. The remotes are compatible with Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The products cost 20 and 25 dollars respectively, with the more expensive model getting a numpad.

The two media remotes were spotted by The Verge . The regular variant is 48mm wide and 134.25mm high, while the Long Edition is 197.5mm high with the same width. The Long Edition has more buttons and is available in black. The regular 8BitDo Media Remote lacks, among other things, the numpad. That model is available in white. Other than that, the two remotes are similar.

The Media Remotes include a home button that allows users to wake up their Xbox console, media keys for pausing, forwarding or rewinding media, volume buttons and a mute button. The remotes both use two AAA batteries, a pair of which is provided by 8BitDo. The buttons of the remote control also have backlighting.

8BitDo is a manufacturer that produces controllers, among other things. The company also makes other peripherals, such as bluetooth adapters for controllers. These are the first media remotes that the company releases. However, it is not the producer’s first officially licensed Xbox product. 8BitDo previously released an Xbox controller for smartphones, which is intended for use with the Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Android.