3D Hubs no longer allows private individuals with 3D printer

In my opinion the end of 3D hubs. It was precisely the open atmosphere that made the platform successful.
Evidently, earning money was nevertheless more important than a nice open atmosphere. Now it is becoming a closed club again, which it may still have to have its name.I can not imagine that it is this way it is still profitable to offer your services there. As a tinker, you can get away with a few euros per hour, but if you suddenly have to keep a full-fledged administration, give up VAT (and pay it), and then also 12.5!% To 3Dhubs, then you will euro soon only about half for material, electricity, time and so on.

When I see what the prices were already doing then, only the bigger players remain, I think.

I had 5 printers, which at times were all printing at the same time. And then it was attractive to put your hobby and time into it. Anyway, with 5 home-made printers, you are well over 5000 euros further before you have printers, and a number of colors of material / spare parts and so on. Let alone if you want to put down “brand” printers.


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