$299 DJI Mini SE drone appears at US retailer

The American retailer Walmart has early information about an unannounced drone from DJI put online. This DJI Mini SE would cost $299 and could record videos with a resolution of 2720×1530 pixels at 30fps.

With that recording resolution, the unannounced DJI Mini SE shows great similarities with the first-generation DJI Mavic Mini from 2019, The Verge also notes. The drone weighs 249 grams, just like the Mavic Mini. This means that the drone falls exactly under the lowest category of the European drone rules, which means that geofencing is not mandatory, for example.

Furthermore, the battery life of 30 minutes per battery is comparable to that of the Mavic Mini. Also the range of six kilometers equal to that drone. The Mini SE would therefore not use OcuSync to connect the drone to the supplied controller. OcuSync uses the 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz band for this, so drones with those functions must have a better range.

The Verge claims the $299 price was initially listed on Walmart’s website, though this appears to have since been removed. At the same time there is an image on Twitter appeared, showing that the drone is already being sold at at least one retailer’s physical location, again for a price of $299. The drone has also appeared on Reddit. It is not yet clear whether and when the DJI Mini SE will be released in the Benelux. The European suggested retail prices are also not yet known.

Source: Walmart