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20th Century Fox releases UHD-Blu-ray with both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision

Film company 20th Century Fox releases the film Alita: Battle Angel on UHD-Blu-ray with support for both Dolby Vision and the competitive hdr10 +. It is the second uhd-blu-ray film that comes out with both hdr formats.

The 20th Century Fox, acquired by Disney two months ago, announces that the Alita: Battle Angel movie will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD-Blu-Ray from July 23. It is the first time that 20th Century Fox has released a UHD-Blu-ray version of the film with Dolby Vision; in the past, most of the publisher’s titles only had hdr10 as standard and in some cases hdr10 +. The streamed version of the film is traditionally released earlier, on July 9.

It is only the second time that a film has been released on UHD-Blu-ray that supports both hdr formats for dynamic metadata; the first was Lionsgate’s Robin Hood film. 20th Century Fox was previously in the camp of hdr10+, the competitor of Dolby Vision developed by Samsung. The same applied to Philips and Panasonic, but those two parties also no longer focus on the exclusive support of hdr10 +. This will make this royalty-free alternative to Dolby Vision probably even harder against Dolby Vision.

Alita: Battle Angel is made by James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez; directors of Avatar and Sin City, respectively. The film is about Alita, a cyborg who wakes up without memory in the future world. Slowly she recovers her memory, partly because she is being chased by the corrupt forces that are in power in Iron City.


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