17 minutes of video for anyone who wants to watch Avengers Infinity War without prior knowledge

Marvels greatest spectacle ever ” Avengers Infinity War ” is now in the cinema and is the culmination of 10 years of superhero films. According to the fans, the film is an absolute must see! But what if you have never seen a Marvel movie of these heroes and have no idea who they are. Are you going to understand it?

We do not think so. But there is an escape in the form of a video of 17 minutes made by the “supercutchannel” Burger Fiction on YouTube. Here you get at least an overview of no less than 19 films starting with the birth of Iron Man in 2008. We have to admit that 31 hours action movies shorten to 17 minutes is a little bit but it is nonetheless remarkable how they have done this because after watching you have a really good overview of the superheroes and you can sit in the cinema with a smile.

Bingewatch 2.0

Incidentally, there have been marathons here and there where you could watch all the films in a row. Bingewatch 2.0 and according to us still dangerous too. 31 hours in a bios is too much. The 17 minutes do not give a complete overview of all heroes but you get enough context to understand the story of Avengers Infinity War a bit better. The video below gives some more explanation and also makes the link with the comics.


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