11 Bit Studios Announces Frostpunk 2

Developer 11 Bit Studios has announced a sequel to citybuilder Frostpunk. The sequel will be called Frostpunk 2 and will only be released on PC for the time being. It is not yet known when the game will be released.

In a trailer, the indie studio announces Frostpunk 2. Gameplay is not yet shown and a release date has not yet been announced. It is clear that the game will have the same icy theme as the first part. The game takes place thirty years after an apocalyptic snow storm that has iced the world and made life on Earth very difficult.

Frostpunk was released for PC in 2018 and later also appeared on consoles. In the game, players must build a colony in very harsh weather conditions. As a result, the city builder also resembles a survival game. Fronstpunk 2 is coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store. No console version has yet been announced.

11 Bit Studios made the game This War of Mine for Frostpunk. Unlike many other war games, the war game does not focus on the action, but on the experiences and suffering of civilians in conflicts. The Polish government put the game on the reading list for high school students.