10x this is new in iOS 12

This evening, iOS 12 will be released! Your iPhone and iPad will get a new impulse again. In the first place in terms of speed. Moreover, the new operating system has received several interesting novelties. This is our top 10 of iOS 12 functions that you will find on your iPhone or iPad after the update.

1. Measuring

 measuring iOS 12

When opened, this brand new app is reminiscent of Camera. But instead of shooting, you can measure things with Measurement. You know immediately how large objects are by using AR technology.


Maybe not everyone’s favorite app, but that may change now. Because you will now also receive news reports that give the prices much more context. And … from now on the app is also available on the iPad!

3. Books

 Apple Books audiobooks

New looks, new name! iBooks is now called Books and looks much fresher. You see exactly in which books you have recently read, and how far you have progressed. The recommendations for new reading material are also more attractive.

4. Assignments

This system helps you to create task sequences based on building blocks that your iPhone automatically executes. If you give a task sequence a name, then you just have to name it and Siri will work for you.

5. Do not disturb

 Do Not Disturb iOS 12

The Do Not Disturb feature has been further expanded, so that you are now less affected by phone calls and messages at uncomfortable moments. Set Do Not Disturb to a particular location, or for the duration of an appointment in your calendar. No new notifications appear on your screen at night. Handy if you pick up your iPhone just to check the time.

6. Dictaphone

The app Dictaphone was always there for the iPhone, but with iOS 12 finally appears on your iPad. Thanks to iCloud, recordings are synchronized between devices – including your Mac, because the app can now also be found there.

7. Notifications

 Silent notifications iOS 12

Your notifications will be displayed much more orderly. And are you not waiting for notifications of a specific app? Then you can immediately indicate this from the lock screen so that you will not be bothered by it anymore

8. Photos

A new search function ensures that you can find one picture much faster. Just browse through all your photos? Then you have to be on the tab ‘For you’, where Apple has shown you long forgotten pictures in nice overviews.

9. Screen time

 Screen time ios 12

This function shows you how to spend your time on your iPhone and iPad, and gives you the possibility to set restrictions and limits. Not only for yourself, but also for your children

10. Messages

 iOS 12 memoji

On the iPhone X you can now fuse your messages with memoji: personalized, moving stickers that you can customize in detail. Also new is that you can now decorate your photos directly from the app with various effects and filters.