Youtuber builds 2cm thick ‘PS5 Slim’ with external power supply and water cooling

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YouTube channel DIY Perks has put the PlayStation 5 hardware in a flat case that is about two centimeters thick and works with water cooling. To make this possible, the power supply has been made external and the radiator and pump are also outside the housing.

DIY Perks custom made an all-copper case for the PlayStation 5 motherboard and a waterblock that’s just as big as the whole thing. As a result, the entire case acts as a huge water cooling block that cools all components on the motherboard.

There is no room for a power supply in the thin housing. The water pump, radiator and accompanying fans do not fit in there either. DIY Perks combines those parts in an external housing, which, according to the maker, could be hidden behind a TV.

The complete process of making the case and cooling block and customizing the PlayStation 5 is shown in detail in a half-hour video. Not everything goes right the first time, but eventually DIY Perks gets his ‘PlayStation 5 Slim’ working successfully.

Sony is known for introducing a thinner model several years after releasing a console. This usually happens about three years after the release of the original model and that is possible because new revisions use smaller chips, which heat up less.

The 2013 PlayStation 4 got a Slim version in 2016. The PlayStation 3 came out in late 2006 and got a Slim variant in 2010. If Sony follows that strategy with the PlayStation 5, an official PlayStation 5 Slim can be expected at the earliest in late 2023 or early 2024.

‘PlayStation 5 Slim’ from DIY Perks with external power supply and cooling. Photos submitted from YouTube video

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