YouTube will warn channel managers once in case of violation

YouTube is adjusting its three strikes system. Channel administrators who commit a violation will no longer receive an immediate penalty from February 25, other than the removal of the content in question. Then the existing three strikes follow.

As before, the three strikes system will reset if no offense is committed for 90 days. However, the warning that is newly entered is one-time; it never comes back after one time, YouTube writes in a blog post.

YouTube wants users to review the YouTube guidelines after this one-time warning. According to the video site, these are clarified, with detailed examples of what is not allowed. YouTube also promises to provide more details on exactly which rules a user has broken.

As of February 25, strike penalties will also be the same regardless of what area a violation is committed in. For example, if a channel manager posts a thumbnail that is against the rules and gets a strike for it, the same sanctions will be imposed as if he committed a copyright infringement.

At the first strike, users will soon have a week-long stop on their channel, during that week they will not be able to upload, livestream or post updates. On the second strike, channel admins will be banned from uploading for two weeks. At the third strike, the channel is removed.

YouTube says in its blog post that it drafted these policy changes in collaboration with creators. Clear rules, consistent enforcement and extensive explanations about sanctions would be the most important areas for improvement, according to those makers. A common complaint from YouTubers is that parties sometimes abuse the copyright protection system on the video site to remove critical videos from the site. YouTube doesn’t talk about that in this update.