SoundCloud lets music makers upload work to Spotify and other services

SoundCloud allows paying Pro members to upload their own music to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Music makers then earn money when their music is played.

Music is uploaded via SoundCloud Premier distribution, which was released as a beta on Tuesday. All members with a paid SoundCloud Pro or Pro unlimited subscription will have access. It is only allowed to upload your own work to the music services. Mash-ups or remixes for which the creators do not have the rights may not be submitted.

SoundCloud Premier works with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Instagram, Spotify, Tencent and YouTube Music. The music makers get all the money they earn from the services when their music is played. SoundCloud does not deduct any commission.

According to SoundCloud, the new service acts as a kind of mission control for music makers. They can manage their music from Premier, share it with fans and send it to the various services. There are a number of conditions; for example, the music makers must be 18 years or older, they must not have had any copyright strikes and their channel must have had at least a thousand track plays on eligible music.