YouTube Music is going to make background listening free in Canada

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YouTube Music is going to make the ability to listen to music in the background free for all users. Currently, this feature is only available to Premium users. Canada will get the free version first.

Unlike the Premium version, the free version of the feature will contain advertisements, YouTube announced. Otherwise, the function should work the same as that version. Background listening allows users to play music on YouTube while having another app open, or with the screen off. The free version will be phased out in Canada starting November 3. It has not been announced when the function will be available for free in other countries.

YouTube Music is a music streaming service from YouTube similar to Spotify. Unlike the normal YouTube, users don’t get to see music videos, but the songs. Users can switch between the music and the video. They can also put together playlists and get recommended music. The only thing you can’t do is listen to music with the screen off. Users with a free account will now be notified that they must take Premium if they want to listen with the screen off. However, it is possible to use YouTube Music on a smartwatch via Wear OS.

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