You can put together your subscription yourself at Tele2, because it is possible!

Our habits are changing at a fast pace. 15 years ago you could only call, text and if you were lucky you could play a game of Snake with a mobile phone. Today, the possibilities are endless. The smartphones of today are no longer comparable to the mobile phones of the past and perhaps even more than the computers of that time.

But because of this, our behavior is also changing. And especially of the younger generation. Today’s youth is no longer on Facebook and no longer calls as the ‘older generation’ still does. No, they sit on Snapchat and they make video calls via WhatsApp or Messenger.

But with this changing behavior, other subscriptions are also required. Unlimited calling and / or texting. You do not need that anyway? But often you pay for it. Can you remember at all when you last sent a text message? In 10 years, young people will not even know what “texting” is. Then it is only app or facet.

Tele2 cleverly plays in . The telecom provider earlier this year has rolled out the possibility for everyone to compose their subscription themselves . Just because it’s possible!

Because it is possible!

With these new subscriptions Tele2 offers its users more choice and flexibility . Do you never or almost not call? Then you choose a 0-minute bundle together with the data bundle you need, not one that you are prescribed.

And do you have to call one time after all? Then you just pay for your use. And if you find out that your data bundle is going through a bit faster, you can always increase your data plan. Lowering is also an option, which can only be lower than the data bundle you have ever chosen.

And do you want a 12 (only SIM only) or 24 months subscription, no problem. Would prefer to cancel on a monthly basis, also fine (that costs you 2 euros per month extra). If you want to, Tele2 ensures that it is possible. No predetermined subscriptions, but just all the freedom to compose your subscription yourself based on the things that are important to you.


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