Xiaomi releases Oculus Go headset in China as Mi VR

Xiaomi releases the Oculus Go headset in China as Mi VR. Both companies have announced that. The Mi VR has the same hardware as the Oculus Go, but the software is different. For example, there are Chinese apps on the headset and a video player.

The Mi VR supports the Mi VR SDK, but also the Oculus Mobile SDK, Xiaomi reports. According to the manufacturer, Chinese users prefer a powerful video player and localized social services. The design and hardware of both headsets are the same.

The Go and Mi VR have a built-in LCD, which according to Facebook is fast enough to show images with a high frame rate. Both headsets run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 soc from Qualcomm. In 2016, it was found in many high-end smartphones, such as the Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T. Oculus has also added ‘spatial audio’ with its own drivers and the headsets have a 3.5mm connection.

Oculus and Xiaomi have not yet announced when the headsets will be released, although that should happen this year according to the earlier announcement of the Oculus Go. The price of the Oculus Go will be $199, a price in euros is not yet known.

It is unknown how the collaboration came about. There seems to be a chance that Hugo Barra has something to do with it. Barra is currently CEO of the VR division of Oculus parent company Facebook and worked at Xiaomi until last year.