XCOM Creator Announces New Game Franchise This Month

2K Games, the publisher and creator of XCOM games, is set to announce a new franchise this month. According to previous rumors, it is an XCOM-style game, but with Marvel superheroes.

Take-Two, the parent company of 2K Games, said in a conversation with investors that 2K will be announcing the details of “an exciting new franchise” this month. The new title will be released sometime during the financial year. Take-Two’s fiscal year ends on March 31. The announcement may take place at digital gamescom, which will take place from August 23.

In June there were already rumors about the new game. According to one Reddit user, it is a game made by Firaxis, codenamed CODA. It would be a turn-based action game based on Marvel intellectual property. A number of well-known actors would also be used to record voices. One source describes the game as “XCOM with Marvel Superheroes.” According to well-established game journalist Jason Schreier are the rumors true.

The reddit post also predicted the arrival of Borderlands spinoff Wonderlands. That game has already been announced. According to the leak, Take-Two is also working on a new action game codenamed Volt. That would be an open world game with supernatural horror elements. This game is said to be in an early stage of development and it is unclear which studio is working on it.