Xbox Night Mode can dim screen brightness, controllers, and power button

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Microsoft is working on a new night mode for Xbox consoles. The company recently rolled out this feature to Xbox insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead program. The mode lets users dim the brightness of their screen, controller LEDs, and the Xbox power button.

Night mode was first introduced in the most recent Alpha Skip-Ahead build, according to Microsoft’s patch notes. “Users can now dim and filter their screens, as well as dim the brightness of their console and controller LEDs,” the company said. The feature is currently being tested and has not yet been localized. As a result, the feature is only available in English.

According to Tom Warren from The Verge, who have extensively tested the feature, the night mode offers many customization options. Users can adjust the brightness of their screen, controller and power button to different dimming levels. Xbox night mode also gets an optional blue light filter, and users can choose to enable the dark mode of the Xbox interface and turn off HDR when night mode is active.

Users can also choose to turn the mode on and off on a schedule, according to Warren. For example, the feature can be turned on automatically around sunset and turned off again at sunrise. While the feature is currently only being tested in the Skip-Ahead beta, it is expected to roll out to the other Xbox preview programs soon and eventually become available to all Xbox users.

The Verge Journalist Tom Warren Tests Xbox Night Mode in Latest Alpha Skip-Ahead Build

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