With these hypermodern tools, the elderly live longer at home

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Do you want to continue living at home in old age? On your 80 e just with your feet on the couch while your house robot will bring a drink and immediately report that the dishes have been done? Lighting and heating that regulates itself and can control your entire home from your tablet or smartphone? Although the robot has not yet made its appearance in this story, the house of the future has actually become a reality. With modern tools and home automation, anyone with a physical disability can live comfortably at home all their lives. Modern aids for the elderly make it possible!

Longer at home

Independent stay at home for longer means for most elderly people that tools must be purchased. You probably know the well-known wall and bathroom supports. You can purchase a shower chair and buy a stair lift to keep the top floor accessible. In this way the house can remain just as accessible as you were used to, even if you have difficulty walking or you have all kinds of age-related complaints. Exactly what tools are needed to stay at home differs from person to person. But beyond doubt, in addition to the familiar adjustments, the modern tools for the elderly will make many young gadget enthusiasts jealous!

Hypermodern tools for the elderly

The modern elder enjoys all modern conveniences in an adapted house. Some examples:

  • Smart doorbell with automatic door opener
  • Automatic curtains
  • Mopping and vacuum cleaning robot
  • Safe induction hob
  • Automatic toilet
  • Lighting via Wi-Fi
  • Tablet as central control

Chances are you these systems also look like. In short, thanks to technological developments, it will continue to live longer at home for more and more people within reach. In addition, the costs of adjustments drop sharply as things like Wi-Fi lighting and tablets are becoming more and more commonplace.

The tablet as a ‘control room’

Especially the role of the tablet is strikingly large. Just like very young children, older people can often get along surprisingly well with a tablet. Operation is intuitive and there are few physical buttons on the device. The house of the modern elder already regulates a lot himself: the opening and closing of the curtains as soon as it becomes light or dark, light that automatically switches on and the smart thermostat ensures an always pleasant indoor climate. With the video intercom you can see who is at the door and you can easily open it at a distance. Even a video consultation with the doctor is possible via the tablet.

And are you afraid of becoming lonely by living alone at home in old age? Think again, because of this there are also special apps for seniors . This is how you feel when you just feel alone a partner or buddy to do fun things together.

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