Windows 10 smartphones should get updates after 6 weeks at the latest

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Microsoft aims to get updates to Windows 10 on mobile devices no later than four to six weeks after release. The company expects partners to adhere to specific deadlines when testing the updates.

The update drive is part of Project Milkyway, Microsoft announced during a Windows 10 update session on WinHEC. The goal of the project, according to Microsoft, is to let users “enjoy” updates to their mobile device within four to six weeks of release.

To achieve this goal, Microsoft will facilitate the testing, process user feedback and provide partners with guidelines. Microsoft expects partners to adhere to a specific timeline when downloading, testing, and reporting issues in the lead-up.

At the session, Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will support partition stitching. If there is enough space on the user partition, but the system partition is too small for the update, Windows 10 will increase the size of the system partition to allow installation.

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