Will Google return to China?

On the basis of internal documents, the intercept revealed that Google wants to publish a censored search and news app in China. Google was against censorship for years. That is why Google withdrew from China in 2010. Now something seems to have changed, but what exactly?

Google back to China

Google would have discussed the apps with Chinese authorities. Algorithms will be used to adjust content. This is done in the same way as with a large Chinese news platform, Toutiao. Both apps have the code name ‘Dragonfly’. Google would like to use the censored apps to allow Chinese authorities to re-enter the search engine in the country.

Ethical matter

It is a moral issue. Does Google really want to limit the rights of the Chinese population? Internet freedom is in other countries where Google stands for, why not in China? Perhaps not in line with Google’s principles, but China lost 772 million internet users on departure from the country, and this does not benefit growth. That is why Google wants to make a careful entry into China. It remains to be seen whether the Chinese authorities agree with it.

If this happens, there may also be other totalitarian states that allow Google based on adjustments in censorship. Will it not gradually become a bureaucratic job on the internet?