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The Minecraft movie in trouble, must start all over again

The animated film about phenomenon Minecraft has been under development for a long time, as it is called. In 2016 it was announced that fans had to wait until 2019 to be able to see the film, which had already taken a long time. Now, however, it appears that the film is going to be even more delayed, because director Rob McElhenney has left the project, according to The Wrap . We can now slowly say that the Minecraft film is in ‘development hell’.

Not only is the director gone, apparently a completely new script is being worked on by duo Adam and Aaron Nee, who you will not know (yet) about. They are going to direct the new He-Man movie Masters of the Universe, but they have not done much for that.

Less and less laugh

The brothers have made ‘The Last Romantic’, a film that has won prizes at the Emerging Filmmakers Awards and that should be very humorous. That is an essential part for Dan Lin, the producer. Lin is the man behind the enormous success of The Lego Movie, so that gives you an idea of ​​what we can expect from the Minecraft movie.

Anyway, if they are working on He-Man and have to deliver a completely new script, there is still a lot to do before the Minecraft film will be presentable. Then it will probably be 2020 (if it goes well) before the film will be out, and with every passing year you will still lose viewers, because Minecraft is still very large, but of course all these delays do not make your audience bigger. Hopefully there will be a nice movie and we can still enjoy the escapades of Steve and the rest of the Minecraft ‘cast’.

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