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Facebook test dating app with employees

Facebook announced earlier that it would set up a dating service. Now staff from Facebook are testing the dating service .

The dating service will probably be called “Dating” and will become part of the Facebook app. Only people who are also registered with Dating can see your profile. You can choose whether your Facebook friends or users who have common friends with you can or can not see your profile.

Dating Facebook

Facebook is going to make it as easy as possible for you. You are introduced to users who live in the neighborhood. You can choose ‘man’ and ‘woman’, but also ‘transman’, ‘transwoman’ or ‘not binary’, for the users with whom you want to come into contact. If you do not know how to break the ice, do not panic, because with the “Conversation Starter” Facebook helps you a hand.

You will not be able to swipe at Dating. Facebook proposes potential matches based on the information you have posted on Facebook. Via Messenger or Whatsapp you can then send someone a message, if you are interested. You can not show interest in everyone, there is a limit on this number.

Will this dating feature on Facebook replace Tinder? Who will say it!

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