The rumors about Apple's new phones for 2018: round 2

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We had already had some rumors about the new iPhones but it is already time for round two. In that little new insights, only what confirmations of what was already around.

iPhone X Plus

The larger version of the iPhone X with a 6.5 inch screen, which according to the reports so far would be slightly larger than an iPhone 8 Plus, just seems the iPhone X Plus and there are some additional sources that say that if you want to get an idea of the size of the device, you just have to take an 8 Plus in your hands. Because the screen edges are a lot smaller on the X, the phone size corresponds, but you have more screen to enjoy. Exactly the same as the regular X and an iPhone 8. But then bigger.
The phone also becomes slightly thicker, according to the reports. There is 0.2 mm, because of another implementation of the camera on the back. That could also mean that there is no excellent camera in the X Plus and it could point to a slightly larger battery, so the smartphone could last longer. On the other hand, the ordinary iPhone X is already quite heavy, so if you are going to make it even bigger, the iPhone X Plus really is a phone that you can hardly hold more fine with one hand.

Face ID and ‘the notch’

iOS 12 is also going to bring some changes, including support for unlocking your phone via Face ID, even if the phone is horizontally oriented. That makes more sense with the big X Plus, but also with iPads that will probably support Face ID. Regardless of the size of the screen, it would also be nice for current iPhone X owners not to have to tilt the phone to get back in. It is now very annoying when you are watching Netflix and have just turned off the screen (accidentally).
Speaking of software changes, it also became clear that there are many phones with notches in Apple’s future, because from July every app update for iPhone must support the notch. Officially, Apple said last Monday that the Super Retina Display of the iPhone X should be supported by developers, but it comes down to the same thing.

Cheap LCD displays

Then there is also cheerfully speculated about the “cheap” iPhone with the 6.1 inch LCD screen. No one knows exactly what type of screen, but there is an urgent search for a similar screen that we can use to make a comparison. Up to now, the 6.1 inch LG G7 ThinQ seems to be the best candidate since the LCD screens for the new iPhone probably also come from LG. That screen would be nice and clear, which should improve the readability of the screen in the sun. That is also such a feature that is always welcome, but as always that is all speculation. Maybe we know a bit more about round three.

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