Where is macOS Big Sur now?

It will be the biggest update for your Mac in years. From macOS 10.15 Catalina we are moving to macOS 11.0 Big Sur. But when exactly will the update appear? It takes much longer than in years past. MacOS Big Sur: when can we expect this update?

macOS Big Sur announcement

Apple announced macOS Big Sur at WWDC in June for this fall. In recent years, the macOS update has always appeared in September. With the exception of macOS Catalina last year, which appeared on October 7. We thought that was already exceptionally late at the time.

During the event on September 15 (around the Apple Watch Series 6 and the iPad Air 2020), Apple surprised us with the announcement of iOS 14 for the iPhone. You could download it exactly one day later. Updates have also appeared for all other major operating systems – iPadOS watchOS, tvOS.

Last week, on October 13, there was another Apple event, this time with the new iPhone 12 in the lead. We thought back then, maybe Apple will repeat the pattern, and today we will hear that macOS Big Sur will be released tomorrow. Unfortunately, Big Sur shone through its absence. Apple does have one Support page put online with the theme “Prepare for Big Sur”. So something is about to happen.

Mac event in November

The macOS Big Sur release is no longer very long in coming. That’s a bit of a shot for open purpose, as Apple spoke at WWDC in June of “this fall.” Another thing Apple announced back then was the first Mac with its own Apple Silicon chip. It has yet to be released this year and we have not heard anything about it.

Several Apple goodies believe that there will be an Apple event in November around the Mac with the Apple Silicon processor. It is almost impossible that we hear more about macOS Big Sur. The most concrete is Jon Prosser: he mentions November 17 as the date for the next Apple event. If Apple does it back to September, you can update your Mac on Wednesday, November 18. So be patient!