Apple TV app comes out on PlayStation 5 and 4

The PlayStation 5 will receive the Apple TV app on the day of release. This means, for example, that users can use the Apple TV + streaming service. The app is also coming to the PlayStation 4.

Sony has announced which entertainment apps will be available from the day of the console’s release. In addition to Apple TV, these include Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube. More media apps will be available after release, such as Amazon Prime Video, but it will not be available on the day of the PS5’s release. All of these apps can be found via a separate Media section in the revamped UI, next to the Games home screen.

The availability of the Apple TV app means, among other things, that users of the PS5 and PS4 can use the content of the Apple TV + streaming service. Also, the iTunes store’s extensive movie catalog will be available through the Apple TV app, with movies available for rent or purchase by users. It is unclear whether 4k, hdr and Dolby Atmos are supported here; Sony does not say anything about what streaming quality is possible. Incidentally, there was a rumor at the end of September that HomeKit is also coming to the PS5 and there was a report about the possible arrival of the Apple TV app to the Xbox consoles.

A special media remote control will be available for the PS5. This remote not only has a pause button and navigation buttons to fast forward and rewind, but also four buttons that will specifically open the apps of YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and Disney +. The remote, which can be purchased separately with the release of the PS5, can also adjust the volume of televisions or switch the televisions on or off via infrared.